3+2=5 (We are BIG now!)

By: Alina Joysluv

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Wednesday, 7-May-2008 05:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Old pix on Tsya's B'day & some here & there

the birthday gurl
the cake
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waaaaaaa,.. i'm good now that i'm updating my fp e/day , Good Job Alina (pat my back)!

on the pix:
Batrisyia turned 4 on 6th of March.. big dah my ‘kakak’. This year there was no celebration except that we had cake (shalia’s cupcake of coz) and KFC.. just my family and ‘grandma’ with nana and om… we thot that since she had her b’day celeb e/year we tak nak make it a must to hav a b’day celeb (takut she claim e/year) .. so, just a small one for her. Pity her, frm the nite b4 her b’day we (me n hub) had reminded her that’s her b’day cming tomorrow. And being a 4 yr old kid, Innocently she’s been telling ppl that her b’day coming. On her b’day, while I was at work, I called home to check on the kids, she picked up the phone.. her usual when answering phone will be “.. hello ni siape?”.. I answered “ni mommy” but b4 I could wish her she said “ mommy… b’day tisyia.. erm..erm (fumble) dah…dah (after some thot) dah kluar ke? “ I was laughing I knew she actually wanted to asked whether is today’s her b’day… sigh.. my batrisyia really dah big girl. She’s 4 but she thinks & speaks like a 7 or sometime a 10 yr old girl. It’s a challenge actually to jaga her now, she’s LOUD (I wonder frm where she got that). And testing our patience has been like a hobby to her. Yup, she’s going thru the phase (wat phase? Don’t ask me). But being a kakak to 2 attention-seeker-babies, really cant blame her. She wants all the attention too). Alhamdulillah, I have no problem of her when I’m giving my full attention to the babies. She won’t really easily get jealous with her twin brothers. But her brothers, the Alis, love the sister. Seing the sight of tsyia pon they’ll smile and laugh… though their kakak really2 rough when playing with them. The way she showed her loves to them.. really we have to put our eyes on her. One time she’ll sloppily kiss them and at another time she bite them till bleed… sigh (that’s wat ppl call the phase, I supposed). Though she has 2 young brothers, batrisyia has never failed to catch our attention with her blunt remarks and sarcasm (jgn main2 ngan budak ni), her face expressions, her LOUD voice, her sing-along singing of the mostly new tracks frm hitz.fm .. but with her own lyrics mostly hehehh (me n joy really amazed when she knows all the latest hits that we never heard b4.. really funnylah Tisyia ni.ermmm cuba2 blajar ngaji plak ek lepas ni, AMIN), another thing is that Batrisyia is really2 garang (hmm ikot prangai sapalah tuu?). She and my youngest sis Amirah is like anjing and kucing, they wont compromise with each other but bile sakit or wat, she’ll carik her Amoi jugak. Just a week b4 her b’day Batrisyia was admitted to KJMC for intestine infection. Exactly 2 days after her father was being discharged frm Assunta for dengue. She was complaining of tummy ache and vomit byk kali. But sakit2 pon she can play ard, scream like normal, play with the boys.. but till ard 6pm after all that she consumed she vomits, she’s bcome really weak. We brought her to see paed Dr Syed and right away kena admit. 1st time I saw her really weak… it was so sad to see her kena masuk drip (she cried just for a while coz dah weak sgt).. me and joy really cannot tahan see her. The sad thing is I cant leave the twins at home, so Joy and my MIL (luckily she’s ard) stayed at the hospital at nite to jaga her while myself have to stay home at nite with the Alis. A week later my Ali Mikail pulak yg admitted for some virus infection and dehydration since he has been purging/diarrhea.. kesian. But, he’s active like normal in the hospital. This time was my duty to jg him in the hospital but with Joylah. Luckily Noah was ok staying home with my Mak for 2 nites.

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The Alis with their Big Sis

my tisy yg ala2 next top model
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our attemt to take the pics of the 3 siblings.. which turnout slalu tak jadik.. its either the sis terlebih 'pose' , or the twins tak dok diam .. howlah?!

in the pix, noah in green and mikail in stripes .

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On Labour Day @ NZX Ara D'sara & D'Aman Ria!

Noah and Dian (tgk ape tu Noah?)
Gerrammm kan?!
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Najihah decided to bring Durrah Aisyah for a swim at my place, so.. after managed to persuade Daud, the 4 of them came to my place on Labour Day! We headed to NZX @ Ara Damansara thats next to my house 1st. Let the kids and the fathers feed and pet the rabbits 1st then we went in the reptilians and amphibians exhibit. Durrah loves watching the animals, bugs, snakes all but the mother (najihah), hampeh.. penggeli... Batrisyia pon surprisingly not a fan of all the reptilians and amphibians.. hehehehh. After that baru all of us balik my place and the kids masuk pool.

Dian Zulaikha, Najihah's 2nd daughter (my future daiughter-in-law) is sooooooooooo tembammmmmmm and soooooo cuteeeeeeee kan?!!! She's 4mths old now.

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Ali Noah & Ali Mikail

Ni my Mikail yg slalu suke control muke 'ayu'
with Noah yg cam ganster
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The Alis are now 10 mnths old (ths sunday)! They are like any normal babies at their age dah kot?! They crawl, they babble.. noah can say Pa Pa clearly (jeles ni) and Bah (my mom) clearly too, as for mikail talks alot but all he says is dadadadadadadada and if u ask him to say Kakak.. he'll says tatak.. not bad huh?! .. when noah cries he said MAK.. not sure of whetehr he's calling me mak or just saying Mak to show that he's not in a good mood ! They've been climbing stairs (gile penat nak kejar), and tables too.. and how they do that... mikail will climb on noah (as a 'step') to panjat meja (hehehehe kesian noah kena buli).
Both very very manja.. even Tsya wasn't that manja those days.... they have just started to aknowledge the existence of the other twins.. b4 was kind like they're on their own in their own world .. now cam can communicate lah jugak kot and that if one of them come to me, the other one frm far will cepat2 come to me also... or if one is holding one particular toy or things.. the other one will 'rampas' frm the other Ali .. Fun tau looking at them.. and tiring too.. is just that after looking at their funny faces and acts, yur penat tu will hilanglah ..

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On The Kids

Ali Mikail
This is Ali Noah
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